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Welcome to the Royal Surrey County Hospital and Guildford and Waverley ICP Joint Formulary
For use by all primary and secondary care prescribers within the Trust and Guildford and Waverley area. See about page.

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Coronovirus and Anti-inflammatories

NHS England advice on anti-inflammatory medications and Novel Coronovirus

Picato gel® (ingenol mebutate) MHRA drug alert class 2 27/01/2020 - Now a Non-Formulary Drug

LEO Laboratories Ltd (T/A LEO Pharma) is recalling all unexpired stock of Ingenol mebutate (Picato®) gel as a precautionary measure due to concerns on the possible risk of skin malignancy. The recall is a precautionary measure following the suspension of the marketing authorisation of Picato (ingenol mebutate), while investigations are ongoing.

Advice for healthcare professionals

  • Stop supplying the above products immediately. Quarantine all remaining stock and return it to your supplier using your supplier’s approved process.
  • Stop prescribing Picato and consider other treatment options as appropriate. For patients who have recently been prescribed Picato, advise patients to be vigilant for any skin lesions developing and to seek medical advice promptly should any occur.

▼ Picato is subject to additional monitoring to allow quick identification of new safety information. Healthcare professionals are asked to report any suspected adverse reactions via Yellow Card Scheme or search for MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple App Store.


Ranitidine supply issue.  Memo issued by RSCH

Memo re. Ranitidine recalls
To: All clinicians, prescribers, ward areas
Date: 28 October 2019
Due to the discovery of a contaminated ingredient in many preparations of ranitidine, there have been a number of worldwide recalls of products. The break in supply may last up to a year.
Ranitidine is currently widely used in the Trust, and work is therefore being done in conjunction with relevant clinicians and pharmacists to establish viable alternative options.
From this point, any prescribing of ranitidine should be carefully considered, and will be reviewed by pharmacy before a supply will be made.
Oral ranitidine will be restricted primarily to use in oncology, and will be removed from all stock lists in the hospital. IV will be restricted to ICU and Chilworth.
Further detailed information and recommendations regarding the supply problem, with actions for specific specialties/patient groups will be circulated.

Justin Kirk-Bayley                                                       Caroline Ali
Director of Therapeutics                                              Deputy Chief Pharmacist

RSCH memo: Shortage of licensed liquid phenytoin  June, 2019

Please be aware there is a national shortage of licensed liquid phenytoin.

We have managed to source an unlicensed import from the US. Given the narrow pharmacokinetics of phenytoin please be aware when switching brands in patients who are firmly established on one brand of phenytoin liquid (usually the Epanutin brand in the UK) there may be a change in plasma levels when switching to the unlicensed product.

Please monitor patients for signs of altered seizure control and consider plasma levels if this is an issue. The product does not come with it's own patient information leaflet therefore pharmacy will supply a generic leaflet about phenytoin the drug from a UK source.  Contact your ward pharmacist if you have any concerns.

It is expected that all medicines prescribed in the Guildford and Waverley Area will be in accordance with this Formulary.  Prescribers operating within Surrey Heartlands, outside of the Guildford and Waverley area, please refer to the Surrey PAD.

Introduction of new medicines, and changes to traffic light classification of existing medicines, will be managed via the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee of the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust and the Surrey Heartlands Area Prescribing Committee.  

If there is a need to prescribe a non-formulary medicine please contact the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust Pharmacy or the Guildford and Waverley ICP Medicines Management Team before initiating or recommending the medicine to the patient or other prescribers.

Contact Us

Please use the feedback button at the top of this page for:

  • any queries related to the formulary - we will endeavour to respond to you within 2 working days.  As this is the first draft of the new Formulary we welcome all feedback, including minor amendments.
  • any requests for consideration of medicines not currently in the Formulary or amendments of traffic light status.  Requests will be followed up in accordance with local priorities.

Any patient specific queries should not be submitted via this feedback form and prescribers should contact their hospital pharmacy team or local ICP medicines managment team in the usual way. 

To feedback secondary care prescribing concerns from RSFT please email using your secure e-mail account.

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